Fort Riley Spouses Club 

Tim Selby, VP Communications


July 29, 2020

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Fundraising and Distributions Exceed Targets Despite Pandemic



FORT RILEY, KANSAS, July 29, 2020 — In the fiscal year ending May 31, 2020, the Fort Riley Spouses Club (FRSC) raised almost $32,000 and distributed close to $29,000 across the Charity of the Month program, scholarships, and Community Assistance Grants to charities serving Fort Riley service members, veterans, survivors, and dependents.


After adapting to meet new operating requirements at on-post venues and moving its Spring fundraiser online amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the FRSC still netted almost $22,000 across its Fall and Spring fundraisers, which was only $620 less than raised in FY19. Five charities participated in the Charity of the Month program, receiving a total of $750. Fifteen Community Assistance Grants totaling $18,000 were awarded, and $10,000 was awarded to the Combined Scholarship Fund of Greater Fort Riley, providing 5 scholarships to dependent spouses and college-aged children of Fort Riley service members.




The FRSC has historically relied on the full services of Riley’s Conference Center for FRSC luncheons and fundraising events. When the conference center was converted into a limited-service community center – removing the availability of food and kitchen services, table and linen services, service staff, etc. – the FRSC transformed with it. From sourcing cost-effective catering to purchasing linens and supplies to recruiting a massive volunteer force for setup, tear-down, and cleanup, the FRSC delivered monthly member luncheons and its record-breaking Fall 2019 fundraiser at Riley’s Community Center (RCC) without raising prices or operating at a loss.


Moving into the fourth quarter, the FRSC was positioned to shatter all prior fundraising records. The Spring fundraiser is the FRSC’s largest and was scheduled for March 21st at the RCC. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the fundraiser was modified, with the in-person live auction portion canceled and the silent auction items moved online. The FRSC went to work evaluating online auction providers, mobilizing an incredible volunteer force to stage and photograph items for online bidding, and closely coordinated with the Fort Riley Judge Advocate General (JAG) office to ensure a safe and compliant fundraiser despite the various challenges.




The Fort Riley Spouses Club raised almost $32,000 in FY20, and despite COVID-19 and other challenges, raised only $620 less across its two fundraisers in FY20 than in FY19.  The total Community Assistance Fund available for distribution at the end of FY20 was $33,559, down 3% from FY19. The Grants Committee elected to distribute $29,000 and hold $5,559 in reserve for special community needs that may arise in FY21 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


Grants: The FRSC distributed $18,000 in Community Assistance Grants to 14 of 15 applicants, based on each organization’s support of Fort Riley and surrounding communities, support of active duty service members and dependents or veterans and caregivers, and operating as a public charity or registered nonprofit organization. Amounts distributed were prioritized based on the organization’s support of the immediate area vs. nationwide, active duty, reserve, veterans, and needs-based, in that order. National-organization applicants were awarded amounts based on their impact to the local area.


2020 Fort Riley Spouses Club Community Assistance Grant Awards


Scholarships: The FRSC awarded $10,000 to the Combined Scholarship Fund of Greater Fort Riley, funding 5 college scholarships. Of those 5 scholarships, 4 were awarded to military children and 1 was awarded to a military spouse.



The FRSC wishes to express its appreciation and gratitude to all Fort Riley and surrounding community members for their unwavering support and contributions, without which these grants, scholarships, and other awards would not be possible.



The Fort Riley Spouses Club (FRSC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit social and charitable organization serving service members and their families in the Fort Riley area, raising and distributing money in the form of grants and scholarships while supporting its members with volunteer, fundraising, networking, and professional development opportunities. Its membership is comprised of active duty and veteran spouses of all ranks and backgrounds who wish to make a positive impact on their community. In addition to monthly member luncheons and numerous sub-club activities, the FRSC hosts semi-annual fundraisers in November and March of each year. Grants and scholarships are distributed each May.



If you would like to help the Fort Riley Spouses Club reach its fundraising goal, or to join, please visit to find out how you can help or get involved. The Summer membership drive is underway, with Super Signup scheduled for August 21, 2020 at Fort Riley. Visit to learn about becoming a member.