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Join The Club

The Fort Riley Spouses Club (FRSC) provides its members with a friendly environment where you can meet new people and help raise money for the Fort Riley community. We offer events and activities which encourage laughter, friendship, and volunteer service. The pillars of our organization are:  commitment to the ideals of good fellowship; sustainment of a charitable service platform; and opportunities for professional and personal development.

We hold monthly member socials, have numerous smaller sub clubs centered around shared interests such as book club, playgroup, outdoor adventure, etc., and have a large-scale fundraiser annually. Our luncheons are open to guests, and we strive to promote camaraderie among all spouses. Our luncheons are fun, and some are very educational. We look forward to meeting you at one of our magnificent events this year!


Join in One Easy Step:

1. Fill out the online membership application form.

* To pay by check or money order, please contact us.

     Make checks payable to Fort Riley Spouses Club and mail to:

     Fort Riley Spouses Club, PO BOX 2254, Fort Riley, KS 66442

Membership Dues:

Annual (June 2023 - May 2024):

E1-E6 is $25.00 

E7-O10 is $40.00

Gift Membership is $25.00

Associate Membership is $40.00

Half-year (January 2024 - May 2025):

E1-E6 is $12.50 

E7-O10 is 20.00

Associate Membership is $20.00

Have a membership question?  Contact us at


Join The Board

We are currently recruiting for our 2024- 2025 board year. Our board year runs from May to April, and position transitions begin in the beginning of May.

Applying to the board is a 2-step process:

  1. First, check out the board positions to see which one is your best fit

  2. Submit a board application

  3. We’ll confirm receipt and get in touch with you to schedule a chat

2019 FRSC Board Picture.jfif

Join A Sub Club

The FRSC offers an array of sub-clubs to meet the interest of our members and to create new friendships and deeper bonds. In addition to monthly socials, our members connect with each other and our community in several sub clubs. The sub clubs meet monthly and may change depending on the needs and interests of our members. For more information on our sub clubs and their upcoming events please contact our Special Activities Chair.

Here is a list of the Sub Clubs active in the 2023-2024 membership year:

  • Book

  • Cooking

  • Craft

  • Fitness

  • Good Grub

  • Task Force Adventure

  • Spirits 

  • Sewing

  • Well-Being


Click Here for the FRSC Members Facebook Group to see the next meeting time and location or to get more information.


Have a great idea for a new sub club?

We would love to hear about it!   Join us and make it happen!​

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