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2020-2021 FRSC Board



3VP Communications

Hello! My name is Tim Selby, the FRSC’s VP of Communications, responsible for social media, technology, marketing, and public relations. I grew up in Arkansas but call Tulsa, Oklahoma my home, having met my spouse and started my career there so many years ago. We have been at Fort Riley for almost three years, and this will be my third year to be a part of the FRSC executive team. I have over 25 years of cross-sector IT industry experience, with 15 years at Microsoft spent advising executives in large enterprises. I am passionate about philanthropy and love helping others reach their goals. When not working or volunteering, I enjoy time with my spouse and family, gaming, fishing, hunting, movies, etc. If you enjoy connecting with other spouses where there are no ranks, lots of activities, and many different ways to make the most of your time at Fort Riley, join us today and say hello to your new friends!

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