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2020-2021 FRSC Board



Mother Flocker

Hi, my name is Rachel Reeve and I am a Kansan born and bread. However, I did graduate High school from a Christian school in Corpus Christi Texas and that’s where I met my husband. Even though we’ve known each other since high school we just celebrated our first wedding anniversary the third of July. I have gone to school for numerous things and am certified or have degrees in culinary arts, photography, cosmetology, EMS/Fire Science with a BS in Emergency Management, EMS and Fire science and hoping to get my masters within the next couple years. I love cooking and baking, spending time with my husband and other family and friends. We love having game nights at our house every now and again as I collect games so we have a bunch and we also have a lot of crosses as I collect those to. The one thing right now I’m enjoying more then anything else is being the Mother Flocker and getting to make people smile when they wake to being flocked or seeing a friend or neighbor has been flocked. So help keep me busy and flock someone sometime.

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