Flocking is available year-round, with 100% of Flocking income going to our designated Charity of the Month. Whether celebrating a promotion, graduation, birthday, or birth, the flock will surely bring a smile to the face of the recipient.  The flock is also a fun way to say "Welcome to the Neighborhood" or "We're Going to Miss You".   The "Dead Flock" of skeleton flamingos are available as well as a flock of blue or neon pink. We also have available the BROmingo to add into your flock.

Your flocking options are:

$20 - The Mother Flockers will guide the flock to the site of your choice on Fort Riley

$30 - The Mother Flockers will flock to your "victim" in Junction City

$40 - The Mother Flockers will land the flock in Manhattan or other local cities

$75 - Mega Flock (approximately 45 flamingos in mixed colors)

 $5 - Add the BROmingo to any flock.

$5 - Greeting Card Flocking each (or 6 for $25)


To schedule a flocking, please fill out the form below and provide payment. Once you complete and submit your Flocking Reservation please keep a lookout for an email from flocking@fortrileyspousesclub.org.  No email means no flocking.  Flockings must be scheduled at least 72 hours in advance.  If you have any further questions, please email Tracy and Nina, our Mother Flockers, at flocking@fortrileyspousesclub.org.

Once you submit this flocking request you will receive a confirmation email showing your order and payment receipt. The flocking request is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email from our Flocking chairperson (flocking@fortrileyspousesclub.org).  If you do not hear back from our Flocking chairperson within 2 days, please contact our flocking chairpersons or our president (president@fortrileyspousesclub.org).