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FRSC Membership Guidelines and Policies:

  • The FRSC Membership Directory is an unofficial document published in the interest of the FRSC. The confidential information contained within the directory is intended solely for the PRIVATE use by its members. The use of this information for business or other non-personal purposes is prohibited.

  • After making a reservation for an FRSC luncheon or event, you will be responsible for the payment of any missed luncheons or events that are not canceled by the event's published reservation deadline.

  • At any Board and/or General Membership meeting, it is recommended that parents of children 6 months and older utilize childcare unless otherwise specified. Babies 6 months and younger are welcome to attend.

  • The FRSC has a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group. The Fort Riley Spouses Club page is our official source of information, and the Fort Riley Spouses Club Members Group is our official forum for members only to foster community, exchange information, and ask questions in a friendly and fair atmosphere. The group operates under the following guidelines: 1. No political statements or offensive language. 2. No destructive comments about the FRSC, any FRSC member, or Ft. Riley. 3. No bullying. 4. No advertising of personal businesses outside of designated times. 5. Anyone who repeatedly breaks these guidelines may be removed from the group.

  • Membership is dependent upon being in good standing (no outstanding debts) with the organization.

  • All Members should read and must agree to abide by the FRSC Constitution and Bylaws published on this site.

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